SILOX, a group with international standing

The SILOX - Société Industrielle Liégeoise des Oxydes - group, which is specialised in inorganic chemistry, manufactures and markets mostly sulphur and non-ferrous metal derivatives, especially those of zinc.

Its products are used in a wide range of activities and sectors - paper pulp bleaching, textiles, sugar, kaolin (china clay), paints and coatings, ceramics, rubber, tyres, animal feeds, latex, and much more - the world over.

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  • Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
  • Zinc oxides (ZnO)
  • sodium hydrosulphite or sodium diothionite-based reducing and bleaching agents (Na2S2O4)
  • Zinc dust
  • Zinc and sodium sulphoxylates
  • Anticorrosive pigments
  • Recovering non ferrous metal complex residues


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