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Creation of the company Société Industrielle Liégeoise des Oxydes (SILOX) for the purpose of producing and marketing zinc oxides.


SILOX takes control of the Canadian company Hydro Technologies Inc. (HTCI), which produces zinc oxide and sodium hydrosulphite-based liquid bleaching agents.


SILOX acquires the French company Société Nouvelle des Couleurs Zinciques (SNCZ), a global leader in the field of anticorrosive pigments, especially zinc phosphates and strontium chromates.


SILOX acquires a controlling interest in Transpek-Silox Industry Ltd. (TSIL), which has four plants in India and produces zinc dust and oxides, zinc and sodium sulphoxylates, as well as sodium hydrosulphite and liquid SO2.


SILOX acquires PRAYON’s sodium hydrosulphite- and sulphur dioxide-linked activities.


SILOX acquires the Brussels-based company Jean Goldschmidt International (JGI) and, indirectly, its subsidiaries HYDROMETAL, at Engis, and METALS & RESIDUES, in the Netherlands. The JGI group is specialised in marketing complex residues of non-ferrous metals as well as treating and recovering them by hydrometallurgy.


SILOX signs an agreement with CLARIANT UK to take over its sodium hydrosulphite business. SILOX UK is set up and takes over CLARIANT UK’s Technical Service Team.


SILOX acquires an additional 15% of its Indian subsidiary Transpek-Silox Industry Ltd's capital, raising its stake to 83.28%.


Jean Goldschmidt International (JGI) takes a 35% stake in the capital of the French company RECUPAC S.A.S., the business of which is to develop and use hydrometallurgical processes to extract and recycle the metal in electric arc furnace dust. JGI's partner in this company is RECUPYL S.A.S.


METALS & RESIDUES, a subsidiary of JGI, buys the group CLAUSHUIS, located on the outskirts of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The group's main activities are the recycling of mercury and lead.


Jean Goldschmidt International (JGI) sells its shares in the group Metals & Residues CLAUSHUIS for stratégic reasons.


JGI sells its shares in RECUPAC S.A. and gets the license to operate the recycling of EAF dust to produce pigments.