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FREE FLOWING® active zinc oxide

To meet our customers’ new needs, we have developed an active zinc oxide, Silox Active FREE FLOWING®, after years of research. This patented product offers a number of new advantages in addition to the specific characteristics of our standard and active zinc oxides.

Silox Active FREE FLOWING® consists of micropearls. This unique and novel structure gives this zinc oxide excellent flowability and non-clumping behaviour.

The combination of its high specific surface (BET 40-50 m2/g) and special shape enables the industry to reduce the amount of zinc oxide in its rubber compounds (observed decreases from 60 to 70%, depending on the application), thereby reducing costs and heavy metal concentrations commensurately.

A host of studies, backed up by its use by our customers, prove its exceptional dispersion in rubber compounds as well as in all applications requiring thorough incorporation.

Feedback on its use in the technical rubber and tyre industries underscores the fact that Silox Active FREE FLOWING® zinc oxide improves mechanical resistance to ageing, reduces blooms, and reduces mould fouling.


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