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Zinc-related products and industries

Silox has been producing a complete range of zinc oxides by the wet chemical process most successfully for more than twenty-five years. Our standard and active zinc oxides are known and recognised for their quality and performance.


Zinc oxides are used in a host of industries, the main ones being

  • technical rubber
  • tyres
  • ceramics
  • animal feeds (AFSCA approval)
  • chemicals
  • personal care
  • detergents.

Although we are present in all of these sectors, we put particular emphasis on the technical rubber and tyre industries, in which our active zinc oxides exhibit exceptional performance because of their excellent reactivity combined with extremely low heavy metal content.

Thanks to the uninterrupted development of our manufacturing processes, our zinc oxide range is also perfectly suited to the needs, restrictions, and highly specialised requirements of the personal care sector.

Given today’s globalised context, we have an extended range of zinc salts and dusts, produced by our Canadian and Indian subsidiaries, in order to meet the needs of the world’s major industrial groups ever more quickly and efficiently.