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Our values

SILOX’s main objectives are “serving our customers, our staff, and society”. From this stem the values that the group defends in its daily practice.

Serving our customers

Driven by our desire to establish long-term relationships with our customers and to be considered a preferred partner, we have set ourselves the goal of meeting and satisfying their expectations competitively.

Serving our customers

Ever mindful of our customers’ needs, we are constantly searching for ways to improve the quality and cost of our products and services.

Our international structure is an undeniable advantage, enabling us to provide comprehensive, co-ordinated solutions to meet the expectations of a clientele that spans the globe.

Serving our staff

Offering work and, above all, quality work is one of Silox’s main reasons for being. That is welfare why we cultivate balanced, respectful industrial relations and work for the well-being and fulfilment of each and every staff member.

We put particular emphasis on friendly, relaxed relations, the active participation of each individual, team spirit, and creativity.

Serving society

All responsible companies must also serve society in general. That is why SILOX’s activities are carried out with a view to sustainable development.

Serving society

We take great care to ensure that our corporate culture is wholly responsible.  As a result, environmental protection and enhanced safety are absolute priorities.