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Sulphur-related products and industries

Silox and Prayon before it have been marketing sodium hydrosulphite (dithionite)-based reducing and bleaching agents for more than sixty years.

Our reducing and bleaching agents are produced by the zinc dust process, which is appreciated internationally for the exceptional stability and quality that it confers on the product compared with the formate process.

Our products, which are sold in solid (HY-BRITE® and Hydros®) and liquid (SiBrite) form, were developed to meet the specific needs of a large number of industries, namely:

  • paper industry
  • textiles
  • chemicals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • metallurgy.

Our HY-BRITE® range is specially designed for the paper industry. It offers products for each application (bleaching of mechanical pulp, de-inked pulp, and kaolins).

In addition to our reducing and bleaching agents, we produce and market liquid sulphur dioxide (food grade – preservative E220).

Finally, we have a range of sulphoxylates and sodium derivatives produced by our Indian subsidiary.