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Sulphoxylates and other sulphur derivatives

We offer a range of sulphoxylates and sulphur derivatives produced by our Indian subsidiary.

Safolite: sodium sulphoxylate


  • polymers (reducing agent in the emulsion polymerisation processes used to make ABS, SBR, X-SBR, NBR, CR, PVC latex, PVA, EVCL, vinyl acrylate, and styrene acetate)
  • textiles (discharge printing agent on cotton and man-made fibres)
  • pharmaceuticals (stabiliser/anti-oxidant)

Safolin: Zinc sulphoxylate

Applications :

  • polymers (reducing agent in the production of polymers such as EVA)
  • textiles (discharge printing agent on polyester, nylon, and various man-made fibres)

Safolin DS

Discharge printing agent on polyester

ReduSil I

On-line dying for vat dyes

Siloxin ST

Discharge printing agent for aqueous systems or solvent bases; reducing agent for vat dyes

Siloxin H

Discharge printing agent on silk

Siloxin FD

Discharge printing agent on velvet

Bleachtsil ECO

Bleaching agent for dyed fabrics

Translit IN

Washing and bleaching of wool, silk, and polyamide

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