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Technical Service

SILOX UK is responsible for developing sales and providing technical service for paper industry bleaching agents.

We offer a first-class specialised Technical Service with its own application laboratory that is internationally renowned, especially in the bleaching of mechanical pulp, de-inked pulp, and kaolins.

Our Technical Service works in close co-operation with our customers and strives to maximise the performance of our customers’ processes through optimal use of our products.

Our Technical Service carries out the following tasks:

  • supporting and advising our customers in determining the best products and their uses
  • conducting the necessary laboratory tests
  • designing, setting up, starting, and monitoring dissolving units
  • doing technical monitoring for our customers and sharing useful information
  • doing regular plant safety and efficiency audits, backed up by advice on using and handling our products
  • following developments on markets that concern us and identifying new requirements
  • developing our product range to be able to fulfil these new requirements at all times.

For all additional information, please contact the following people at Silox UK:

Simon Bennett, Sales & Business Development Manager

Colin Docherty, Technical Service

Ian Pattinson, Technical Service

Silox UK