SILOX Engis, parent company and production unit

Located at the heart of PRAYON’s industrial site, SILOX Engis is both the SILOX ─ Société Industrielle Liégeoise des Oxydes ─ group’s parent company and an industrial production unit in its own right.

SILOX Engis produces sulphur dioxide, sodium hydrosulphite-based reducing agents, and an extensive range of zinc oxides that are sold around the world.

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Zinc derivatives


Silox has been producing a complete range of zinc oxides by the wet chemical process most successfully for more than twenty-five years

Our standard and active zinc oxides are known and recognised for their quality and performance

Silox also markets an extended range of zinc salts and dusts produced by its Canadian and Indian subsidiaries.

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Sulphur derivatives


Silox produces sodium hydrosulphite-based reducing and bleaching agents by the zinc dust process, which is appreciated internationally for the exceptional stability and quality that it confers on the product.

In addition to our reducing and bleaching agents, which are sold in solid and liquid form, we produce and Markets liquid sulphur dioxide and have a range of sulphoxylates and sulphur derivatives produced by our Indian subsidiary.

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