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Our HY-BRITE® range was specially designed for the paper industry. Our HY-BRITE® products are made with various chelating and stabilising agents. As a result, there is a
HY-BRITE® product developed specifically for each paper-making application

Thanks to the exceptional stability that the zinc dust process gives them, our products reduce substantially the risks of decomposition, presence of odours, and dissolving losses. They also improve application performance levels considerably.

Our products’ high densities (1.15-1.3) make it possible to reduce package size and storage area. This also reduces considerably the amount of dust that is raised when it comes time to use them.

Our bleaching agents have the additional advantages of low impurity levels and total absence of formol derivatives.

Dissolving units and Intermediate Bulk Containers

To complement our products, we also supply dissolving stations designed for optimal use of our products. In designing them, SILOX made use of its lengthy experience in the field and a wealth of references.

Our dissolving stations:

  • are totally automated
  • are perfectly reliable
  • avoid the considerable handling that the use of drums entails
  • ensure accurate and controlled titres additions of the liquid solution
  • ensure rapid dissolution
  • send a stable, uniform solution to downstream plant
  • ensure completely safe use of the product
  • avoid all wastage.

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) - the ideal complement for our dissolving units - are available of 1,000 kg and 2,000 kg formats.


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